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Business Productivity Apps

Digitisation is becoming one of the key areas were business can drastically improve their productivity. From simply improving the collection of data to saving hours if not days in collating hand written forms into reports for clients, to creating user experience and ease of client information handling reducing the risk of miss-communication and wasted trips and causing delays that result in customer dis-satisfaction.

Business App Development to suit your business specific requirements & needs.

We can help you identify areas in your organisation that a App will improve your daily business systems, improve staff productivity and reduce errors and inaccuracies. We endeavour to learn and understand Your business and custom design the Mobile App that will address the primary needs that your business has.

Some of our solutions:

Digital Forms

Paper is expensive and has a negative effect on the environment, along with printer inks & Toners, printed documents in all business make for expenses that many business can drastically reduce or completely remove with the introduction of a mobile app developed specifically for that business.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is a very important part of any business, whether an App is developed to empower a customer to be able to book or connect with your business in a more enjoyable or convenient way or your mobile app enhances your core service or product, giving your customers a memorable experience and helping your business stay in the forefront of your customer’s memory we are finding more ways to help your business create the best possible customer experience as possible.

Augmented Reality is a new method many business could implement to create a truly unique experience for their customers Check out more about Augmented Reality here.

Integration, Data Collection & Processing & Data Presentation & Reporting

Does your business have really good systems, but they do not talk to each other, or do you have large amounts of data that take a long time to convert into a more user friendly visual output or report?

The Solution
  • Integrations Many existing systems have API Access allowing us to develop an App or piece of Software that can access and communicate with the existing systems, allowing you to have a centralised location to run your business from while utilising the other systems to their full potential.
  • Data Collection & Processing We can help identify ways to improve data collection and take the data you already collect and present the data to you in a dashboard where you can filter, compare and retrieve the data you need and present it to you in visual ways that suit your specific needs, and provide a single click PDF report of the data you have just viewed saving hours in report preparation. want to compare information and have a straight forward result? We can do that as well.

Start Ups

Do you have a clever idea?

You have an idea for an App and you have started research into the market and have started to identify the viability of the idea, you have a good idea on the number of users there may be and you have identified the problem the app solves, now you need to get the app built.

Well you have come to the right place, at Redback Digital you will have a discovery session where we will help you scope the idea in more detail, we will advise on things like:

  • Monetisation of the App
  • Protecting the Intellectual Property
  • How to Market the App
  • The Development Process
  • Capital & Investment

Want to Fast Track your Start-up?

Warning! Only for serious Entrepreneurs ready to Fast Track and get their idea going, * Limited places available. *