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Klokk - The Time Trainer App

Introducing the App to help ADHD Adults and Parents of ADHD Children to learn the passage of time.

Developed by Redback Digital for Dr Derek Cohen a Psycologist specialising in ADHD, this app has the primary purpose to help ADHD people learn the passage of time.

Find the app on Google Play & iTunes


Digitisation is becoming one of the key areas where businesses can drastically improve their productivity by implementing the technology into their processes.

From simplifying and improving the collection of data, to saving hours if not days in collating hand-written forms into reports for clients, an app can save you time and money.

We can create an app that delivers a great user experience along with the benefits of being easy to use, the ability to handle large amounts of information and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Business App Development tailored to suit your business’ specific requirements & needs.

We can help you identify areas in your organisation where an app will improve your daily business systems, improve staff productivity and reduce errors and inaccuracies.

We commit to learning and understanding your business and then custom designing the mobile app that will address the primary needs that your business has and streamline and processes that may currently be inefficient.

Some of our solutions:

Digital Forms

Paper is expensive and not at all friendly to the environment.
Paper, along with printer inks and toners make for expenses that many businesses can drastically reduce or completely remove with the introduction of a mobile app developed specifically for that business.
Not to mention the benefits of collating and storing large amounts of information, eliminated the need for cluttered filing systems.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is one of the most important parts of any business; without friendly, reliable and efficient customer service, your bottom line can suffer.

Whether an app is developed to allow a customer to be able to book or connect with your business in a more enjoyable and convenient way or your app enhances your core service or product, the goal is always to give your customers a memorable experience and help your business stay in the forefront of their minds.

Redback® Digital are committed to finding the best ways to help your business create the greatest customer experience possible.

Data Collection, Processing and Integration

Data Presentation and Reporting

Does your business have effective systems in place, but they do not talk to each other, or do you have large amounts of data that take a long time to convert into a more user friendly visual output or report?

There Is A Solution


Many existing systems have API access which allows us to develop an App or a piece of Software that can access and communicate with your existing systems, which allows you to have a centralised location to run your business from while utilising your other systems to their full potential.

Data Collection & Processing

We can identify ways to improve the way you collect your data as well as take the information you have already collected and present it to you on a “dashboard” where you can filter, compare and retrieve the data you need and present it to in visual ways that suit your specific needs.
This system also boasts a single click PDF report of the data you have just viewed, saving you hours in report preparation.

Want to compare the information and have a straight forward result? We can do that as too.
We can customise your dashboard and the way it reports information to you and save you time and money in doing so.


Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is an exciting new technology that many businesses could implement to create a truly unique and interactive experience for their customers.
AR can take your brand and your product or service to a whole new level and all your customer needs is a smart phone to be able to access your AR content.

AR is the direction that many companies are choosing to take to deliver their content in the most advanced way possible.